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Fill in the below application with your customer, so that we can get them on their way to their new vehicle.

Upon receiving an application, we submit it for credit search. Using the results of this search and the experience of our underwriters, we submit applications to the most appropriate lender for the applicant from our panel of lenders. The proposed rates and amounts, which were quoted initially may need to change, subject to status, in order to gain an acceptance.

We keep you (the dealer) informed at all stages. Should anything change, we will inform you immediately and await confirmation from yourselves that your customer is happy to proceed with the rates and amounts quoted.

Once we have confirmation from yourselves that the customer is happy to proceed, we will issue the documents for signature and request some proofs. Subject to your instruction, we will send these documents to yourselves or directly to the customer.

The customer needs to read these documents, carefully, and return them to us signed and with all the necessary proofs, so that we can process the pay-out.

Before we can finalise an agreement, we conduct a validation call for data protection and compliance purposes. To complete this call, the customer can call us directly, call us when on your premises or we can call them at a convenient time. This validation procedure ensures that the customer knows who we are, who their finance company is and that all details are correct. Once this call has been completed, we will issue the pay-out and have your funds to you promptly.

To apply please complete the form below. If you would rather talk to us, then please call 01943 873277. Any question with * requires you to provide an answer to proceed.

If you satisfy the following criteria we will be able to process your information and get back to you with a decision:

  • I confirm that I have obtained permission from the customer to submit their application on their behalf
  • I have explained to the customer that credit is subject to status and is not guaranteed
  • I confirm that I have explained that the customer’s information will undergo credit search(s) for the purpose of gaining a finance agreement. The customer agrees that their information may undergo credit search(s) for the purpose of gaining a finance agreement.
  • I confirm that the customer agrees that their information, subject to status, may be referred to a third-party sub-prime affiliate (New Look Loans Limited)
  • I confirm that the customer agrees to receive marketing information, until such a time that they unsubscribe from it
  • I confirm that all information within this application is right and true to the best of my knowledge

The information that you have provided will be disclosed to lenders for the sole purpose of considering this credit application. Lenders may use this information to carry out multiple credit searches, with credit reference agencies. A record of those searches will be kept and may be used by other lenders in assessing applications from you, and members of your household, for credit in the future. This may have an effect on future credit applications. Lenders will cross-check this information with other lenders to prevent fraud, and may use the information for statistical or marketing purposes. The dealer (completing the form) should inform you of the purposes for which they may use this information. A copy of this proposal is available for your records, upon request. The proposed rates and amounts on this form are subject to credit checks, and may change. Your information may be referred to our sub-prime institution, subject to credit check, which may accrue a higher interest rate. Subsequently, the process of your approval is subject to a vetting call. In return for credit broking activities, Creditas Financial Solutions Limited receive a commission/fee from the lender. The customer will not be, directly, charged for credit broking services. The approval of any consequent credit agreement is only valid if it has solely been dealt with by a Financial Conduct Authority approved dealership or broker.

Creditas Financial Solutions Limited is registered in England and Wales. Company number 06366166. Registered address: 72 Otley Road, Guiseley, West Yorkshire, LS20 8BN. Creditas Financial Solutions Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Firm Reference Number 661849

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