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Creditas Financial Solutions works with a wide range of banks and lenders, such as MotoNovo Finance, Hitachi, Santander and Barclays.

The portfolio of partners is a reflection of our quality and reach. We have a large panel of lenders, which allows us to find the most appropriate and competitive financial solution for each individual or business. In return for credit broking activities, Creditas Financial Solutions Limited receive a commission/fee from the lender. The customer will not be, directly, charged for credit broking services.

When comparing products, it is important to note that whilst although price is important, the features available from an alternative product may be more appropriate. Our trained staff utilise their knowledge and insight to place each application with the appropriate funder and type of agreement. Have a look at the product summary information provided to get an overview of the main products that we offer.

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Are you a car dealer? Register in our Dealer area! This allows you to submit applications with your customers permission. The form is simple to use and will ensure you get the fastest service.

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Found the perfect car? Fill out our application form and we contact our lenders to get you the best deal. Not Found a car yet? We can still check with our lenders to see what options are open to you. Then you choose your vehicle with confidence.

Upon submission of your application to one of our lenders, they will conduct a full credit search against the details you’ve provided. This lender may not offer the best product for you across the panel of lenders we work with. Both this search and any declined application will appear on and impact your credit record

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